What’s red and smells like blue paint?

What’s red and smells like blue paint? Sounds like an impossible combination, but believe it or not, it is possible. Red paint can actually have a blue paint-like scent if it contains certain ingredients. This may seem strange, but it has to do with how certain chemicals interact with each other. To produce a unique smell.

For example, some red paints contain a chemical called quinacridone. Which’s known to give off a strong blue-like scent when it’s used in paints and other products. This chemical is often combined with other chemicals to create a unique scent. Which can describe as a combination of red and blue paint.


What’s blue and smells like red paint meaning?

The phrase “what’s blue and smells like red paint” is a classic example of an oxymoron. An oxymoron is a figure of speech that uses two contradictory words to express a single idea. In this case, the phrase suggests that something exists that is both blue and smells like red paint. This is impossible since blue and red are two distinct colors with different odors.

The phrase can interpret in several ways. It appears like one thing but is actually something else in meaning. It could be referring to a person or situation that seems to be one way on the surface. But when you look deeper, you realize that it is very different. For example, someone who seems calm and collected on the outside. But is actually filled with rage and anger on the inside.

Another interpretation could be that it is a statement about the difficulty of making sense of the world. It could be suggesting that things are not always what they seem. That it is difficult to make sense of something that appears to be contradictory. It could be a way of expressing a sense of mystery and wonder.

It could be said that there are some things in life. That we may never fully understand, but that are still intriguing and beautiful in their own way. You can paint furby eyes by own.

What is the thing blue in color and smells like red paint?

There is nothing like blue in color and smelling like red paint. Paint is a physical substance and does not have a smell. The color of paint can be blue but it does not have a smell, as such. The smell of paint comes from the chemicals and solvents used to make the paint, which have a distinct smell. Red paint has a strong, pungent smell, while blue paint has a milder smell. Get knowledge about paint a senior parking spot.

What is the red but smells like blue paint riddle?

The phrase ‘red and smells like blue paint’ is often used as a metaphor. To describe a situation or problem that is difficult to solve. It implies that the situation is complex and confusing. Which makes it difficult to find a solution. The phrase is thought to have originated from a proverb. Which states that ‘the impossible is often the untried’. This proverb suggests that the only way to solve an impossible problem. It is to try different approaches until you find a solution.

You can use this phrase in many contexts. For example, if you find yourself in a difficult situation, you could say that it is ‘red and smells like blue paint’. It is to express the complexity of the problem. In the context of riddles, ‘red and smells like blue paint’ can be used to describe an unsolvable riddle.

This is because it is impossible for something to be both red and smell like blue paint. It makes an unsolvable riddle. The phrase ‘red and smells like blue paint’ is often used to describe a difficult problem. It’s thought to originate from a proverb. This suggests that the only way to solve an impossible problem is to try different approaches. It is until you find a perfect solution.


The answer to the riddle “what’s red and smells like blue paint” is “There is no such thing.” Paint does not have a smell, so it does not make sense for something red and smell like blue paint. This riddle highlights the importance of understanding the context of a question. Do this before attempting to answer it.

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